Bubble Tea

Just like how you get to create your Froyo – you also get to customize your Bubble Tea.
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What is Bubble Tea?
Traditionally Bubble Tea is strongly brewed black tea with lots of cream and sugar that is shaken vigorously with ice
Bubble Tea got it’s name from all the little bubbles that form after being shook.
The tea is then poured over tapioca pearls.

The drink has evolved over time to having a variety of flavors added to the tea or to not being tea at all.
If you visit several different Bubble Tea establishments you may find that each place has their own way of making it.
Here at Froyo of Middletown we brew the Black Milk Tea base, from there you can choose from any of our flavor options to
customize your tea or keep it traditional.

We also have plain unsweetened ice tea that you can customize.

If tea is not your thing you can have a drink made from any of the flavor options mixed with milk, soy milk, soda or water for juice.
We also have Taro, our very own house made Spiced Thai Ice Tea, and a coffee drink available that we’ve dubbed the “Bubbleccino”.
Your drink is garnished with either the traditional tapioca pearls or fruity popping boba (you can even have it without).
Because all of our drinks are made to order there can be a wait time.
To reduce your wait time we encourage you to put in your order as soon as possible you can even call ahead.
(860) 788-6063